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Aug 02 2014


The Las Vegas Valley. Here I am. In two weeks I bought a car, moved into an apartment, got my classroom keys, and became a full fledged adult. There is still 1000 things on my to-do list but Maslow’s heirarchy has never been more relevent. Food in my pantry, a roof over my head, and the ability to talk to friends again has made me way less stressed out. I guess self-actualization is possible.

I love my little apartment. I love my little dog. I don’t love that I am missing a desk, couch or table. Thankfully, I should be able to get all this stuff before school starts. I got my classroom keys yesterday! It made it feel so real and crazy to have a room to call my own. I can’t wait to start. Well, I can, but I am excited to just jump in. First I have some development stuff left and of course, my favorite, “pre-work,” but its definitely not as bad as it has been. Also, I have some amazing teacher friends that live around here and I can’t wait to see them. I went from living in a dorm with them for 5 weeks to basically being off the grid until my internet returned yesterday.

I live pretty centrally to everywhere I have to be in the week and I am ok with not living 5 mins. from my school. 15 mins. isn’t bad either, and I am closer to UNLV which is uber helpful.

Can’t wait to get my paperwork stuff done, as of right now that is the only stressful thing on my plate but even that will be resolved by Tuesday. I hope.

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