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Jul 28 2014

My Favorite Teacher

Mr. Myers was the teacher who changed my life as a student. I think we all have a “Mr. Feeny” and Myers was mine. After going through this program and realizing that he left a comfy lawyer job to be a teacher makes me respect him that much more. Of course, this means I had to see him before I left.

Talking to him always makes me feel a little challenged and leaves me thinking. I got some great advice, but I also received some comfort. Its nice to know that even a teacher who I admire so much and had such control over a class struggled when he was a new teacher.

Sometimes, I think that I am going to somehow negatively impact students and that they would do better with a teacher that is either naturally gifted at this, or who has been in the classroom for many many years. In some respects that is true, I’m sure, but I am starting to realize that all teachers start from square one. I can do this, I just need to keep telling myself that.

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