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Jul 18 2014

Last Day

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come on here and proudly proclaim that all of my students passed and are getting summer school credit. I can’t even proclaim that they can proficiently add/subtract/multiply/divide. However, I will brag on the fact that all of them did leaps and bounds better on their final than they did on their original diagnostic. None of them seemed to notice that this was the second time they were taking this test.

After their test I had them write “I am From” poems. I thought it would be a disaster to be honest, but I also knew how cool it would be if it was successful. So just in case, I did have two other early finisher activities planned. It went 10,000x better than I could have possibly predicted. They asked to share them on the last day. It was amazing to hear them speak some poetry. Even more amazing was the look on their faces when they realized how much better they did from their first test. Finally, having them reflect in poems, letters, drawings, etc. on their experiences this summer touched me and my fellow teachers.

As promised they got a pizza party, music, and some last day activities. We took a selfie as a class and they mocked us a bit, in mutual fun. Overall, this summer has been ridiculous in more ways than one but I am happy I had this class.

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