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Jul 11 2014

The Big Switch

This past week we switched schedules for teaching periods. I am now teaching after nutrition and good lord its way harder than teaching in the morning. In the morning it was difficult to get them to put their heads up, after nutrition its hard to get their butts back down and in their seats. This week we had it hard because we have been somewhat in the dark as far as absences, tardies, grades… you know, the things we should be really clear on.

My students thought they were getting kicked out for tardies (many of them would have if the administration didn’t end up making a different decision). They were unruly and stressed and upset. It was then that I realized they were angry at us because they thought that us teachers were not being honest with them and trust has been the biggest issue with this class. This has been exacerbated by how much harder it has been for me to get them under control. I will appreciate more time with a class in the fall when I can work on management and expectations for more than 20 minutes one day. Again, I appreciate my co-teachers so so so much with how we are coming together to adress the issues we have unique to our own periods, and the ones we have in common. Makes me feel like a little less of a failure and more of a team.

Excitingly enough, I have worked way beyond what I had to the last few days so this last week should be much easier compared to what its been the last four. Hooray, one week left. I have heard from multiple people that they think I will return as a CMA or some other type of staff. I can’t laugh harder or louder, but let’s just say that if that happens, in the words of my brother “I’ll eat my hat.”

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