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Jun 30 2014

The Weekend Hooray

A week feels like an eternity here. I have never been so excited to get to a weekend in my life. As a kid, its hard to imagine what your teacher’s do outside of school. For any students reading this of appropriate age, we drink and hang out. We drink and we talk about all the things you did in the week that are aging us faster than a gouda. But then, we talk about about how much you are a part of our lives, and how you were just a bunch of faceless names and now we are invested in your lives. Its insane. Then after an hour or so we remember that we are individuals with families, friends, pets, and mentors ourselves.

You think you look forward to the weekend though? Go teach an Algebra 1 class and see how fast you run out of the class on a Friday, and how quick you are to switch into different clothes and just go back to being an adult who sleeps more than 4 hours a night and doesn’t spend all their time grading/making worksheets/ or creating lesson plans.

In all honesty, this is the most stressed out I have ever been in my life. I hope this gets better.  I really do, because I feel defeated every day.

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